Recently Arrested?

If you have recently been arrested, I am sure you have many questions and a lot of confusion about what your next step should be. First, if you have bonded out of jail, you should contact your bond agent immediately and confirm that they have all the documents needed to secure your bond. Secondly, if your car was impounded during an arrest, you can call the arresting agency’s Teletype Unit to determine what tow company has your vehicle. Next, if you have legal questions about your arrest, you should contact an attorney that focuses on criminal defense.

There are hundreds of law firms for you to choose from, and choosing the right attorney for your case is very important. No matter which attorney you decide to hire, ask them if they have private investigators working the “fact finding” process of your case. Some law firms only rely on the ‘Discovery’ provided by the state prosecutor in hopes of defending your case. This can be a costly mistake.

Carlton Litigation Consultants is a team of  law enforcement experienced investigators that assist criminal defense firms with their preparation for trial. We go the extra step with investigating important facts of your arrest, and in many situations we reveal facts that if known prior to your arrest, no arrest would have been made. Please take the time to read below for more information on how we can assist your legal team. Carlton Litigation Consultants is not a law firm. We are the key ingredient a law firm needs to help you with your trial.

Carlton Litigation Consultants goes above and beyond the legal scope of your case. We dig up the true facts of the incident and  and present your attorney with this ammunition for trial.

  • Interviewing witnesses the police failed to interview.

Law enforcement officials generally do not have the time and resources to interview all of the witnesses of a crime scene. They may also fail to canvas the area for additional witnesses or video surveillance that may be available.

  • Record Procurement and Fact Checking

Records come in many different formats. Some records directly pertain to your case and will be submitted to your defense attorney in the Discovery. Other records will not be provided unless specifically requested in writing. There may be related  communication about your case that is not listed in the police report. Recorded 911 calls, surveillance video, computer records, texts messages from department issued cell phones, and other records from department issued devices are important items to request.

Internal affairs records can prove a history of poor judgement or even criminal behavior from an arresting officer. Showing there is a pattern of prejudice, abuse of power, poor judgement or lack of training, can be used by your attorney for elements of your defense.

Police reports are official documentation of an alleged crime. Any misrepresentation within a police report can be cause to have your case dismissed. Carlton Litigation Consultants investigators are prior law enforcement officers and have experience reading and interpreting these reports. Many factors can come into play when an officer writes a police report. Time management is one of the main reasons of an incomplete report. Some reports are not written the night of your arrest, and may even be written several days after the fact. This can cause misinformation to be submitted as ‘official’ and reported to the state for your prosecution. It takes experienced investigators to review these reports and find the clues of misinformation.

  • Photography and Videography

It can be very important that the jury see the location of your arrest by photo and video. Some officers take unprofessional snap shots of your arrest scene. These snap shots lack the photographic ability to clearly depict the scene of the arrest to the jury. Andrew Carlton, manager of Carlton Litigation Consultants, has 17 years of photographic experience and uses professional camera bodies and lenses of different ratios to meet all the needs of various locations, scenes, and time of day.

  • Reviewing DUI Allegations.

Within the state of Florida, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates how a DUI charge is investigated. Any deviations from these rules may be cause to have a DUI charge dismissed. Field sobriety exercises, visual cues of a driver, and even taking the breath test, are all regulated and must be reported and documented within the FDLE and NHTSA guidelines. There are many ‘wives tales’ about roadside field sobriety exercises, so make sure you are getting the facts during your consultation with your attorney. If your attorney is not familiar with current and updated DUI  law, find one that is. Andrew Carlton, manager of Carlton Litigation Consultants, taught DUI classes to agency recruits within the police academy, and keeps up to date with current case law involving allegations of driving under the influence. We also only work with criminal defense teams that are current and professionals in the field of DUI defense.


Carlton Litigation Consultants is not a law firm. We are law enforcement experience investigators, working with the defense attorney to bring the absolute best defense case to the table during your trial. If you currently have an attorney, tell them you want Carlton Litigation Consultants handling the investigative needs of your case. If you do not have an attorney, allow us to assist you with recommendations.

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