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The list below covers many of our services for 2016. If you have a specific request for a service not listed, please contact us and we can give you a quote to meet your request. With all of your case needs, we will meet with you during your initial client consultation. This will greatly benefit your chances of securing the client and giving them a sense of a team mentality on handling their case. Prices listed are subject to change based on specific case difficulty. To get an idea of how CLC benefits law firms, visit our Client Reviews page.


Criminal Defense:

CLC can assist with many types of criminal accusations, from minor misdemeanors to serious felony charges. Sometimes having a victim sign a waiver of prosecution days after the incident can be the best result. On more serious cases, we can assist you with interviewing witnesses, locating additional witnesses, recovering surveillance video not initially recovered by law enforcement, and photography/videography of the crime scene(s) to give you a better idea of the location and environment of the incident. Your case will also benefit from additional records requests, including: law enforcement personnel files, MDT and CAD records, FDLE Transaction Archive Reports, and HIPAA Release forms for medical records. For DUI’s, we will go to the scene and measure the roadway grade to show the pavement was not level, which can assist with suppression of certain Field Sobriety Exercises. Every case has its unique qualities, so contact us to discuss your case.


Family Law:


Family law cases are sensitive in nature and will often times deal with child custody issues, and proving one parent is more appropriate for primary custody. CLC offers in depth investigations regarding these cases and we use a variety of techniques to give you answers. Many times our family law cases settle out of court after our evidence is provided. Proving drug abuse, associating with known criminals, and frequenting known nuisance areas, are among the most common issues. Regarding divorce cases, many law firms are under the impression since Florida is a 50/50 No Fault Divorce State, hiring investigators to prove infidelity is of no use. This assumption is incorrect. Final settlements for divorce can be impacted based on wanton and reckless behavior from a spouse. Alimony and child support disbursements can vary when evidence of a spouse using marital funds to pay for the ‘cheating’. There are many factors that come into play, so give us a call to discuss your case in detail.

Domestic Stand-By’s are a common request. When parties separate, many times an injunction (restraining order) is in place and parties must only remove property while in the presence of a deputy sheriff. The deputy however will not get involved in documenting any property removed from the residence. CLC will stand-by while the property is being removed and log all items taken. We will then have the removing party sign a notarized affidavit confirming what items were taken.

Personal Injury:

Proving negligence is key with Personal Injury cases. Sending an investigator to the scene as soon as possible is vital. Your responsibility is to capture the scene of the incident, as it was when the injury occurred. CLC can assist you with photography and video of the scene, locating witnesses, and issuing ‘Preservation of Evidence’ requests to venues that may have employment logs, video, contractor logs/contact, and other information to assist your future litigation. Having quality photographs of your clients injuries are important as well. DO NOT expect your client to capture injuries with their Smartphone. Rulers and measurements are important when photographing injuries. Also having a non-bias investigator collecting this evidence will be important during trial. Any evidence collected by your client could be dismissed if not gathered by a licensed investigative agency and investigator. Vehicle accidents are another area where personal injury investigations are important. CLC will measure roadways and compare them to law enforcement crash reports for accuracy. Proving mistakes and inaccurate reporting of alleged facts will be important in your settlement.


Insurance Fraud:

CLC’s surveillance team can assist you with capturing false reports of injury. Insurance Fraud is a huge problem in Florida. Let us assist you with proving these claims are false. We will present you with video evidence of a claimant’s activity during their day-to-day activity.



CLC is getting more and more requests for espionage cases. This can be a lengthy investigation involving business contracts, product development, and stealing trade secrets. Unique investigative tactics are needed to prove these cases and to support your client’s claim.


Video and Specialty Photography:

CLC offers several different services for video and photography. Depositions, Crime Scenes, and Vehicle Routes, are some examples where videography can assist your case. CLC also offers aerial Drone video footage where appropriate, and we maintain legalities under Federal Law regarding the use of Drones. Photographing injuries, housing conditions, and vehicle crush damage are routine requests that we receive. Because each case is unique, we use a variety of lenses, cameras, and video equipment that can be used for each environment.


Skip Tracing:

Skip Tracing is required for many cases when witnesses have conveniently disappeared. CLC uses many investigative avenues to find your subject(s) and get them involved in your case. Nationwide search results are standard and we can also obtain interviews from these witnesses to determine how they will benefit your case.


Transaction Archive Reports

TAR Reports are a great tool for researching witnesses, victims, arrestees, or anyone of interest in your case. Transaction Archive Reports (TAR Reports) are records recovered from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and they can tell you if a person has been involved in any case from any law enforcement agency located within the state of Florida. This is basically an advanced public records request, and will allow us to find the exact date, time, agency, officer, and agency terminal in which a person was run through the Florida Criminal Information Center (FCIC). TAR Reports can also tell us if a vehicle tag was run, and what insurance coverage and policy number is binding to the vehicle. From this point we can obtain the police report and additional information to determine what type of investigation the subject or vehicle was involved in at the specific law enforcement agency. For additional information watch the video here.


Garbage Pulls:

Garbage Pulls can be a great way to obtain evidence in your cases. Most authorities consider garbage public property once it’s placed on the curb. CLC will covertly collect items in the trash with attempts to discover useful evidence for your case. It amazes us what we find! This is the dirty part of investigative work, but we go all out to help our clients succeed in trial and negotiations.


 Witness Interviews:

Many cases require witness interviews prior to depositions or trial. Sometimes you may not want a witness to provide an official statement if the statement does not benefit your case. CLC will locate and interview witnesses and provide you with a recorded interview (when agreed upon by the witness) or report summary, with the witness statement. We can also obtain hand written notarized affidavits from witnesses to keep as a part of your case file. Submitting these affidavits and recorded interviews prior to trial, to prosecutors or opposing firms, will many times give you leverage in plea bargains and could lead to a case dismissal.


Jury Selection:

Having an investigator assist you with jury selection can be an important ingredient to your trial process. Let us run background checks on your potential and selected jurors, and also check their social media throughout the trial. Juror misconduct is common. Let us do some research and make sure your client is getting the best jurors for their trial.



Our law enforcement experienced investigators can assist you during depositions. Whether your depositions are with law enforcement officers, victims, or witnesses, let us assist your firm with finding the facts.


Service of Process:

CLC offers services of process for many of the central Florida circuits. Our ‘Advances Service System’ is a new procedure we are presenting to law firms. This Advanced Service System puts more information in your hands from your process server. Most firms hire a process server to deliver a summons or subpoena, and have no other concern other than the service of the document. CLC is adding a new twist to this age-old system. We will provide a ‘Service Report’ with our Return of Service. A Service Report will give you the following information:

*Tag numbers of vehicles at the residence (used to run background checks and prove a witness is associating with known felons).

*Criminal Records check of vehicle owners observed at residence.

*Housing condition and observations seen from the process server (important in family law and custody cases).

*Statements made by the recipient that relate directly to the case.

This information can be crucial to your case and we highly recommend this service to get the best end results at trial.


Nationwide Background Checks

CLC has the best database available. If you are currently using Lexus Nexus / Accurint, we recommend switching to our CLC Instascreen System and saving your firm money. We can provide you with your own Username and Password and you can customize search results based on your case needs. CLC can also recover other data and records, including bank records, income information, assets, and more. There are no membership fees for use of the CLC Instascreen System, and we will invoice you monthly for your usage.

Starting at $10 (depending on records searched).


Cell Phone Data Recovery:

Many times your case is dependent on what is contained in your client’s cell phone. CLC can work with many Android devices to recover text messages, photos, and other data, even if deleted. This process is dependent on software and spyware that may have been installed on your client’s phone. We will need the phone for approximately 7 days to recover the data.


Audio File Enhancements:

As attorney’s handling litigation matters, you are often times given low quality audio recordings of interviews and surveillance video. Allow CLC to enhance these audio files to a higher quality, and reduce unwanted background noise. We use the latest digital audio editing software to bring you the best results.


DUI Vehicle Immobilization:

CLC Offers 10, 30, and 90 day impoundment services for Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. If your client has the immobilization requirement as part of their probation, please contact us and we will secure your clients vehicle as needed. We will provide your firm with an Affidavit of Completion, which will be provided to their probation officer. (No longer available in Hillsborough County)


Seal and Expungement:

CLC can assist your clients with the red tape of sealing and expunging criminal charges. From obtaining certified case documents and submitting the required documents to FDLE, we will assist you with this process and save you the headache.


Document Procurement:

CLC is a master at Records Requests. From Public Records to Preservation of Evidence requests, we work with all local, state, and federal agencies to obtain the information you need for trial. FDLE also holds Transaction Archive Reports, which can be a wealth of knowledge to your case.



Client Intake:

CLC will travel to your new clients home, hospital, or the jail, to have them complete your firm’s retainer contracts. We will also conduct a thorough recorded interview of your client’s claims.



If your firm as a specific request for services not listed above, please contact us at 1-866-639-0581.

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