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Carlton Litigation Consultants
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by TL on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Saving the lives of those waiting for a transplant...

Working in the organ donor transplant field has many obstacles. One big obstacle is when a patient who will not live, comes in as an unknown trauma. Once we get the name of the patient, we then have to begin to search for family. That is where Carlton Litigation Consultants comes in. We use them to help obtain information on any family, once we find that family, we are able to offer them all their end of life options, one being organ donation. Thanks to Carlton Litigation...3 lives have been saved.

by DK on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Very Pleased With Results

My appreciation goes out to Mr. Carlton. His insights were objective based on sound reason and knowledge. In addition, he brought a professional demeanor and work experience that was extremely valuable to me. Thanks again Andrew. I can't thank you enough.

by Allen on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Very knowledgeable and Professional

Andy surpassed my expectations on hiring a private investigator and showed true Professionalism in his work. His knowledge and view on scene with video and pictures gives you a better understanding with accurate information. Thanks Again!

by Heather Swango on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Excellent Investigator and Process Server

CLC is an invaluable resource for attorneys, no matter the area of law, including family law. The investigative services provided by CLC are quick and reliable. I never have to worry about obtaining service on another party with CLC handling the process serving. Heather Swango, Esq. - Gurley Law, P.A.

by Jon Senger on Carlton Litigation Consultants
So easy and fast

CLC is the easiest and fastest way I've seen to do full background checks and credit checks. Mr. Carlton is extremely responsive and really cares about the quality of the service. CLC has saved me from so many mis-steps already, and I'm looking forward to many more years of working with CLC as I build my business.

by The McCabe Law Firm on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Rapid, Resourceful, reliable.

We have retained and worked with CLC for several cases, and look forward to working on more in the future. Mr. Carlton is knowledgeable in many areas, and brings a unique perspective to the table, which helps me make sure I have the whole picture when I am preparing my client's cases. CLC also has a quick turnaround with quality results when it matters. I reccomend CLC and Mr. Carlton.
Jared McCabe

by Jim Amarosa on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Great Job

Using this firm has been nothing but a pleasure. I switched over to Andrew and his crew and have not looked back since. Andrew will dig up things that you had no I idea existed, I have had client's charges dropped because Andrew helped to prove that the state could not make their case after his investigation. Thanks Andrew. JRA

by John DeGirolamo, Esq. on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Knows what questions to ask

Andrew of CLC has great law enforcement experience to bring to the representation. He is always asking the questions that help get through the discovery and witness statements, all to the benefit of the client. Andrew and CLC bring every aspect of investigative services that you need to provide your client that 110% representation.

by Mark E Hemann on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Tracking down critical information

Mr.Carlton was brought in by my attorney and his legal team to track down key witnesses that had fled the state. he provided key information that was crucial to proving my sons innocents. Without the information that Mr. Carlton was able to provide to my attorney,I am not sure whether my son would have had enough evidence to prove his innocents. He is efficient and thorough. My son was found "NOT guilty!" thanks to Mr. Carlton and his tireless effort to find and provide the information my attorney and his legal team needed to put this case together and win! I hope I never need his services again! If I do he would be the only man I would call! I will be forever grateful for what you have done to exonerate my son!

by Pawuk & Pawuk on Carlton Litigation Consultants

I've used Andrew for the past few years on different types of criminal cases. He gets things done quickly and thoroughly. I often have witness interviews that are time sensitive and he is always willing to get things done immediately. I have used many private investigators and would rank him as one of the best.

by J. Armando Edmiston on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Give yourself the best chance to beat the charge by hiring a trained professional investigator!

I have personally used Andy Carlton on multiple cases involving DUI's and in each case his law enforcement background and experience allow him to bring a perspective into the case that I would not have otherwise. Additionally, because of his law enforcement background he is aware of other discovery and evidence that he can obtain to help my clients. If you are charged with a criminal offense I would highly recommend Andy to give yourself the best chance at beating the charge!

by Jordan L. Tawil on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Mr. Carlton Saved My Client's Life

I privately retained Mr. Carlton as my investigator on a 2-Count Attempted 1st Degree Homicide case last fall. The crime allegedly occurred on the south-side of St. Petersburg, FL in Pinellas County. During the initial 29 days my client was incarcerated, Carlton helped my office find the right experts to aid in building a case for self defense case on behalf of our client. Carlton's work included a three week neighborhood canvas and use of forensic experts to gather exculpatory evidence which later would exonerate our client and secure his release from jail. When the State Attorney did its formal investigation, they agreed with our assertion that what likely occurred was self defense and abandoned the attempted homicide counts in favor of simple misdemeanors. Carlton played a crucial role in working with cooperating witnesses in locating evidence that otherwise would have spoiled or otherwise been lost.

Our client received misdemeanor probation on a plea deal that included no jail time and the homicide charges were no info'd.

by Hackworth Law, PA on Carlton Litigation Consultants
Great Investigator

We have been working with Mr. Carlton for years now. He is a skilled investigator with all the necessary tools to accomplish the required tasks and matters that arise during litigation. We have used him for everything from finding witnesses to skip traces to process serving to interviews, regardless of the task, he has quickly and efficiently completed it.